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Literary Magazine Competition

Deadline: Monday, May 30th

Does your institution have a literary magazine that you would like to submit to this year’s CCHA Literary Magazine Competition?  If so, please download a copy of the form below and submit yours before the May 30th deadline!  Good luck!

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Help Save Fulbright-Hays Funding!

From  our National Humanities Alliance friends:

Dear Humanities Advocate,

Act now to prevent deep cuts to funding for Fulbright-Hays!

The Senate has proposed drastic cuts to Fulbright-Hays.

This program is crucial for training experts in foreign languages and cultures and ensuring productive global engagement.

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Support the Humanities: Become a CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer


The Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) has developed a humanities liaison program aimed at strengthening the humanities and humanities faculty at the nation’s community colleges. Please consider becoming the CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer at your college.  Your involvement in this role would be immensely valuable to the humanities faculty and the humanities program at your college, as well as to CCHA and the humanities generally. You would also receive several benefits.

Duties and Requirements of Being a CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer

First, as a spokesperson for CCHA, you are required to be a current individual member – $40 per year for a full-time employee/$15 per year for a part-time employee – which is a pretty good deal. Second, your primary duty will involve being a liaison between CCHA and your campus. Periodically you will receive correspondence from CCHA about opportunities for personal and professional growth in the humanities and you will forward this information to all your humanities faculty and administrators, along with a personal note from you. Third, it is highly recommended that you attend theHumanities Liaison Officer Workshop that takes place at the annual CCHA fall conferences. Lastly, but crucial for promoting CCHA and the humanities, you are asked to offer some kind of spring event at your college. This can be a very informal affair over coffee, or more, whatever fits best with your college. The goal is to inform your humanities faculty and administrators about the opportunities for humanists offered through CCHA (perhaps take them to the CCHA home page or to the blog), and to encourage faculty to become individual members.

Benefits of Being a CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer

As the Humanities Liaison Officer for your college you receive a twenty percent reduction in registration fees for all CCHA conferences. And through the CCHA liaison communication system you and your humanities colleagues will be among the first to be informed of available grants and other opportunities for humanists, including early notification of CCHA-sponsored summer workshops and NEH(National Endowment for the Humanities)-funded summer institutes. You are invited to attend the Past and Present Officers and Liaison Officers Breakfast Meetings occurring at all CCHA conferences, which allows you to interact with other past and present leaders in CCHA. And lastly, having all the Liaison Officers attend the Humanities Liaison Officer Workshop at the annual conferences will allow a sharing of ideas and strategies aimed at promoting the humanities, humanities faculty and administrators, and CCHA.

How to Become the CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer at Your College 

The Community College Humanities Association is the only national organization whose sole purpose is to strengthen the humanities and humanities faculty in the nation’s community colleges.  Your efforts as the Humanities Liaison Officer for your college can help further this goal, both locally and nationally.

For further information, or to find out whether your college has a CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer contact the National Humanities Liaison Officer Program Coordinator Jeff Clausen by email at

If your college does not currently have a CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer, click on the following form for Download: CCHA Humanities Liaison Officer Appointment Form 

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Front facade of the American Academy in Rome

2016 AAR Fellowship Winner Announced

The winner of the CCHA Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome has been announced!  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Meryl Shriver-Rice as she will be off to Rome for a one month fellowship to continue her work on “The Etruscan Table” this June!

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Update & Opportunity to Blog with CCHA!

Fellow friends of CCHA and supporters of the humanities,

I am writing to you to inform you about some updates in addition to offering you an opportunity that will be mutually beneficial!  For starters, we now have a fully functional LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter account, and a blog.  Please see the links to these below and note that we would love you to “like us” and “follow us” if you are willing and able to do so.

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The US Capitol Building

Humanities Advocacy Day

Today is Humanities Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill! Humanities advocates from around the country will be meeting with their Members of Congress to make the case for humanities funding.

For those of you who could not join us in Washington, there are still ways to show your support for humanities funding by email and Twitter.

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Image of George Washington and other colonialists

NEH Chair Plans More CC Investment, Grants

Tuesday, March 15th is not just the Ides of March, it is also Humanities Advocacy Day in Washington, DC.  National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman William “Bro” Adams will deliver the speech “Beyond the 50th: New Directions at NEH,” and according to an advanced copy of the speech, we at CCHA are elated to hear that he outlines the plan to “invest more heavily in this [Community College Humanities] sector, beginning with grants that will be announced in late March of this year.” This is just the beginning of the push for the humanities, and we want you to help us get the word out tomorrow!

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Welcome to the Blog!

Whether you are a casual fan of the humanities or teach in the humanities in one of the nation’s community colleges, we would like to welcome you to the blog for the Community College Humanities Association.  Feel free to poke around, read, and even submit content for future publication, which can be facilitated on this blog or in our Community College Humanities Review journal.

Please also note that the page you are currently viewing is a combination of both the Discourse Blog and the Member Discussions, either of which can be viewed separately.

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