Current Member Without Access?

Membership up to date but don’t have access?

Note that most members renew around this time of year. If it is time to renew (or close to that time), we recommend renewing as the renewal process will provide you with the necessary login credentials. This can be done HERE.

If your membership is up to date, but you do not have a username, meaning you DID NOT renew your membership on the new CCHA website (the website you are currently on), please Contact Us at GeneralCCHA@gmail.comWhen doing so, please use the subject “CCHA Username” and be sure to provide both your desired username and your desired contact email in the body of your message. Please also be sure to indicate your “membership type” as student, adjunct, or full-time and/or whether you are an individual or institutional member.  We will get back to you asap, but please note that it may take up to 24 hours.

Need to renew your membership and don’t have access?

If you do not have a username and password for this website (i.e. you have never logged on here before), you need to CLICK ON THIS LINK and register an account with this system. In this process, you will simultaneously be renewing your membership and creating an account with the website. You will simply create a username and password in this process.