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Diversity on the Rise in the Nation’s Community Colleges According to AAA&S

According to a new article from Inside Higher Ed, diversity is on the increase at the nation’s two-year colleges. The article is based on information from publicly available degree completions data.

More information from American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAA&S) survey that CCHA assisted in will be available in the future.

According to the results of the survey, “in 2015, 32.1 percent of the associate degrees in the humanities were awarded to black, Hispanic or Native American students — a 149 percent increase from 1989, when the data were first collected.” This is just some of the great news according to the data collected by AAA&S, and the rest can be found in the article at the link below.

Read the Inside Higher Ed Article


ACLS Fellowships seek CC Faculty as Deadline of September 27th Approaches

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), a long-time affiliate of CCHA, is looking to expand the reach of its fellowships to include more community college and teaching-intensive faculty members. The deadline for fellowship applications is right around the corner, September 27th, so don’t delay if you are interested in applying.

More information can be found at the ACLS website by using the link below.

ACLS Fellowship Info