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CCHA’s Membership Committee

Following a shift in leadership and organization, the Community College Humanities Association continues to be committed to serving Humanities faculty across the continent.  To ensure that CCHA is providing its members the opportunities and services needed to advocate for the Humanities at the Community College level, a Membership Committee is being formed.

CCHA is now seeking participants for this committee who are invested in guiding the future of what both Individual and Institutional Membership in the Association will look like.  Applicants should be creative and dedicated Community College faculty with an interest in developing:

  • Learning communities investigating the role and form of the Humanities in our contemporary culture
  • Professional Development opportunities for Humanities faculty
  • Certificate programs for students at Institutional Member schools
  • Recruitment strategies for Individual Members
  • Incentives for Institutional Membership
  • A reinvigorated CCHA Liaison program
  • Technological solutions to network and connect distant faculty

Equipping members with the tools to better advocate for the Humanities in their classrooms, institutions, and communities is at the core of CCHA’s mission.  This committee will allow individuals from within CCHA to guide its development and focus, and will lead the Association’s evolution and growth.

The Membership Committee will interact primarily online, with occasional face-to-face meetings at CCHA National and Regional conferences.  Interested individuals should contact CCHA’s Executive Director, Andrew Rusnak, at