Pacific-Western Division

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The following states comprise the Pacific-Western Division:

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming

Pacific Western Division Map

Pacific Western Division President

Jamie Cárdenas

Jaime Cárdenas

Jaime Cárdenas
History Department
Seattle Central College

Jaime Cárdenas Jr. is a tenured Instructor of History at Seattle Central College (SCC), where he has designed and deployed curricula that prepare college students to transfer to and succeed in four-year institutions. During his 2016 residency at the University of Washington Simpson Center for the Humanities’ “Reimagining the Humanities Ph.D. and Reaching New Publics” program, Cárdenas focused on a number of projects related to digital pedagogy and served as a faculty mentor to UW doctoral students. During the summer of 2018, he will again be a Director of the University of Washington’s Honors Summer Abroad program in Quito, Ecuador.
With over fifteen years of teaching a wide variety of students (first-generation, underrepresented, international, traditional, and non-traditional) in the social sciences and humanities, Cárdenas has taught over 30 distinct courses and 150 classes in US colonial, US 19th century, and US 20th century, Borderlands, and world history, as well as in American Ethnic Studies. Through his teaching, curriculum development, and administrative experiences at SCC, Cornell University, the University of Washington, Seattle University, and UCLA, he has developed comprehensive and hands-on methodologies for the classroom and beyond.