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Sponsoring Institutional Membership Information & Benefits

  • Additional Free Faculty Memberships
  • Annual Lit. Mag. Competition Entry at a  $50 Discount
  • Additional Free Copies of CCHA Publications
  • Notification of Special Grant Opportunities
  • Further-Discounted Rates on CCHA Conference Fees

Note: If you would like to request an invoice for membership, please send an email to Cathy Feehley at cfeehley@ccbcmd.edu with the following information: FTE, school address, name and email address for your humanities (or similar) dean, membership level (Institutional or Sponsoring), and (of course) an address to which the invoice should be sent.

FTE/Level Cost (1 yr / 2 yr) Free Faculty Memberships ($50 Value Each) Conference Discount Lit Mag Competition Discount # Free Copies of CCHR Journal Estimated Savings
Sponsor Level $1725 / $3245 All Humanities Faculty (Creating a $50/ Faculty Member Savings) 2 Free Registrations ($850 Savings/yr) Free Entry ($200 Savings/yr) 5 Copies ($180 Savings/yr) $2403

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