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Whether you are a casual fan of the humanities or teach in the humanities in one of the nation’s community colleges, we would like to welcome you to the blog for the Community College Humanities Association.  Feel free to poke around, read, and even submit content for future publication, which can be facilitated on this blog or in our Community College Humanities Review journal.

Please also note that the page you are currently viewing is a combination of both the Discourse Blog and the Member Discussions, either of which can be viewed separately.

This blog serves multiple purposes, but the most important reason for its existence is, quite simply, you.  We want to provide you with updates on the nature of the work done by the nation’s fine humanities faculty.  We want to provide you with updates of possible grant opportunities.  We want to provide you with the opportunity to share your own work in the humanities or your story of why you love the humanities.

We hope you will come back to see some updates about this dynamic organization and to consider joining us as a fellow lover of the humanities, as a member of the CCHA organization, or, perhaps, as a CCHA Liaison Officer to your home institution.  Welcome to the blog, and thanks for joining us.

Please feel free to contact us for any reason at all, perhaps to submit your own blog post, or perhaps to submit a rebuttal to another post.  We welcome just about anything so long as it is relevant. Just remember that this blog is here to serve you, the members of the Community College Humanities Association and those who support and believe in the humanities. Thanks again for joining us.

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