The Humanities: Education for a Lifetime

Today’s students face professional lives that demand continual education in response to changing employment/career options, new advances in technology and an ever-changing world.

The humanities provide the best instruction in analyzing alternative possibilities and adapting to change, skills that are essential for continual personal and professional growth and education. The humanities help students understand culture, their own and that of others. The humanities help students learn how to think critically. To ensure this unique contribution to our students’ education, the humanities need your support.

Your Role in CCHA

CCHA’s mission requires the continuing support of its member and others who value the essential contributions of the humanities for today’s students, both as individuals and as members of society.  Individual CCHA membership unites you with your colleagues at two-year colleges across the nation in shaping and strengthening the humanities. Institutional CCHA membership makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of the humanities at two-year colleges.

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