Executives & Staff

Executive Members

Anne M. Kress president of Monroe Community College
Anne M. Kress

Chair, Board of Directors
Monroe Community College
Phone: (585) 292-2100
Email: akress@monroecc.edu

Constance M. Carroll

Chancellor, San Diego Community College District
Phone: (619) 388-6957
Fax: (619) 388-6541
Email: ccarroll@sdccd.edu

Photo of Constance M. Carroll
Photo of Sandra Kurtinitis
Sandra Kurtinitis

President, Community College of Baltimore County
Phone: (443) 840-1015
Email: skurtinitis@ccbcmd.edu

Mick Starcevich*

President, Kirkwood Community College
Phone: (319) 398-550
Fax: (319) 398-1037
Email: Mick.Starcevich@kirkwood.edu

*Retiring August, 2018

Photo of Mick Starcevich
Lori Sundberg*

Incoming President, Kirkwood Community College
Phone: TBD
Fax: TBD
Email: Lori.Sundberg@kirkwood.edu

*Effective August, 2018

Kirkwood CC President Lori Sundberg
Brian Murphy president of De Anza College
Brian Murphy

President, De Anza College
Phone: (408) 864-8705
Email: murphybrian@deanza.edu

Andrew Rusnak Jr.

Executive Director
Associate Professor, Community College of Baltimore County
Phone: (443) 840-1050
Email: arusnak@ccbcmd.edu

Read Unbeaten Paths, the regular update from the Executive Director

Photo of Andrew Rusnak, Jr.

Division Presidents

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Amy Clark Knapp

President, Central Division
Clark State Community College
Art History
Email: rrush@mccneb.edu

Rebecca Williams

President, Eastern Division
Essex County College
English Department
Email: wrebecca@essex.edu

Rebecca Williams
Jamie Cárdenas
Jaime Cárdenas

President, Pacific-Western Division
Seattle Central College
History Department
Email: Jaime.Cardenas@seattlecolleges.edu

Wes Lites

President, Southern Division
Jefferson Community & Technical College
Philosophy Department
Email: william.lites@kctcs.edu

Wes Lites
Linda Sears
Linda Sears

President, Southwestern Division
Collin College
Professor of Humanities
Email: lsears@collin.edu

At-Large Members

Brian Stipelman

Associate Vice President/Dean of Arts and Sciences, Frederick Community College
President, Deans’ Committee
Phone: (301) 624-2761
Email: bstipelman@frederick.edu

Brian Stipelman
Pegah Motaleb
Pegah Motaleb

Associate Professor, San Diego Mesa College
At-Large Faculty Representative
Phone: (619) 388-5926
Email: pmotaleb@sdccd.edu

Staff Members

Andrew Rusnak Jr.

Associate Professor, Community College of Baltimore County
Executive Director
Phone: (443) 840-1050
Email: arusnak@ccbcmd.edu

Purview: Publications, Media Outreach, and Special Projects

Photo of Andrew Rusnak, Jr.
William J. Tooma
William (Billy) J. Tooma

Instructor of English, Essex County College
Deputy Executive Director
Email: wtooma@essex.edu

Purview: Membership, Affiliations, and Special Projects

Greg Campbell

Assistant Professor of English, Community College of Baltimore County
Deputy Executive Director 
Email: gcampbel2@ccbcmd.edu

Purview: Digital Content, Conferences, and Special Projects

Greg Campbell
Profile picture of Sydney Elliott
Sydney Elliott

English Faculty, Tillamook Bay Community College
Director of Publications
Email: sydneyelliott@tillamookbaycc.edu

Daniel Lewis

Assistant Professor of Music, Community College of Baltimore County
Director of Membership
Email: dlewis7@ccbcmd.edu

Daniel Lewis
Fran O'Connor
Fran O’Connor

Professor Emerita, Nassau Community College
Director of Special Projects, Conferences & Volunteers
Email: fran.oconnor@ncc.edu

Jessica Floyd

Community College of Baltimore County
Director of Communications & Marketing
Email: JFloyd3@ccbcmd.edu

Jessica Floyd
Cathy Feehley
Cathy Feehley

Community College of Baltimore County
Office Administrator 
Email: cfeehley@ccbcmd.edu