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The Community College Humanities Association (CCHA), founded in 1979, is the only national organization for humanities faculty and administrators in two-year colleges. It is dedicated to strengthening and growing the humanities in two-year colleges as well as creating awareness of the value of humanities education for students, parents, employers, and members of the community. Since humanities study in higher education is not static, CCHA serves as a catalyst for defining and finding progressive solutions to the many fluid and mutable issues that face community college humanities faculty and administrators.

Panel Event: AI in the Community College Classroom: Perils and Possibilities (Recording Available!)

Did you miss this excellent event? No problem as you can watch the recording at the link below! The age of A.I. has arrived, and it is changing how students and instructors’ function in the community college classroom. This change is too impactful and important to ignore. We have the opportunity to influence its development, implementation, and usage so that A.I. can enhance our student’s potential for learning. Join the Community College Humanities Association for a conversation on A.I. in the classroom. This panel event and community conversation explores a range of possibilities, beginning at narrow restriction, to moderate implementation, and ending with expansive adoption.

2024 National Conference: Knoxville, TN!

Check out the information about the 2024 National Conference to be held in Knoxville, TN, and hosted by Pellissippi State Community College, October 3-5!

Community College Humanities Review

Check out the latest issue of the Community College Humanities Review journal and find out how to submit your own work for publication. Consider submitting your own research, fiction, creative nonfiction, interviews, poetry and even photography. More info at the link below.

Quote of the Month

“Many of the dichotomies that coordinate with the sciences/humanities divide—explanation/interpretation, biology/culture, nature/nurture, determination/freedom—can be boiled down to the intuition that human minds belong to a fundamentally different order of reality that human bodies.” --Edward Singerland & Mark Collard From the introduction to Creating Consilience: Integrating the Sciences and the Humanities

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We value the continuing support of our members and others who value the essential contributions of the humanities for today's students, both as individuals and as members of society. Individual CCHA membership unites you with your colleagues at two-year colleges across the nation in shaping and strengthening the humanities. Institutional CCHA membership makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of the humanities at two-year colleges. ***Please note that the option to renew is ONLY available for an EXPIRED MEMBERSHIP.***

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Andrew Rusnak

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Sydney Elliott

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Gregory Campbell

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Mel Berry

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