Call for Proposals Submission Deadline Extended and Acceptance on a Rolling Basis


DEADLINE EXTENDED: Proposals accepted on a rolling basis through June 15th.

Baltimore, MD. May 1, 2023 – According to conference organizers, this year’s Community College Humanities Association’s (CCHA) National Conference theme of “humanistic inquiries …[into] questions of value, power, community, identity, race, justice, healing, conflict, and transformation” is already providing a solid foundation to programming with many intriguing proposals that will surely inspire colleagues.

Now, in collaboration with organizers at the Austin Community College District which opened up more space, CCHA has a new opportunity to expand this year’s conference forum and celebrate a broad range of unique proposals that extend to every reach of the humanities in community colleges. So, please consider submitting a proposal and joining us for the conference.

“The ability now to extend invitations to fellow community college humanities faculty, to include curricula and pedagogical innovations in literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, behavioral sciences, and fine arts, has always been what CCHA is about,” said Executive Director Andrew Rusnak. “With the help of the outstanding conference team at Austin Community College who has worked tirelessly to create this expansion, we now have an opportunity to bring a wide range of faculty from across the country together to exchange ideas, celebrate our incredible success, and strategize about the future. There is nothing better than hearing how excited a colleague in one discipline is when she or he takes away an idea from one or more of our sessions that they can’t wait to apply in their own classrooms.”

With an extended deadline of June 15th, 2023, CCHA and Austin CC organizers are now open to receive proposals on a rolling basis from every area of community college humanities research and pedagogy.

“We’re in a position to support a wide range of tracks and accommodate many more ideas in complement with our conference theme,” said Conference Program Director and Austin CC Professor of Humanities and Cinema Studies Jean Lauer. “I would especially welcome proposals exploring areas of study that represent how traditional disciplines have been defined, as well as how the humanities integrate with modern media studies and employment opportunities for the students we serve. We can now expand the conference program and offer a wide platform for attendees to step out of their comfort zones to explore how faculty, programs, and support services are working together — or could better work together — to cultivate principles of humanistic inquiry and respect for others within our communities.”

CCHA’s 2023 National Conference will take place at Austin Community College, October 12-14. Organizers encourage early submissions in order to coordinate programming and logistics. The call for proposals can be found HERE.

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