CCHA Panel to Present at Biographers International Organization Conference

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The Community College Humanities Association will have a panel presentation at the Conference of the Biographers International Organization (BIO), an affiliate of CCHA. The panel session will be held on  Saturday, May 19, at the Levy Center, at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. More work can be found on the Bio website, here.

Session Title: Biography: The Ultimate Interdisciplinary Approach

Session Description: We are living in the Golden Age of Biography. The genre’s appeal to readers, from all walks of life, has granted it a more serious look by academics in higher education. Liberal Arts professors are dedicating whole semesters to the study of biography. Doctoral candidates are writing biographical dissertations. And those outside of the humanities are beginning to see the value of infusing their STEM courses with biography in order to humanize the subject matter. The genre is transcending traditional scholarly views like never before. But how do biographers themselves become a part of the conversation? How do they gain the attention of academics and get their work listed on course syllabi? Those questions, and much more, will be addressed by this group of educators.

Moderator: Dr. Billy Tooma (CCHA Deputy Director)

Panelists: Tony Calandrillo (CCHA Member), Dr. Lindsay M. Warren (CCHA Member), and Rebecca L. Williams (CCHA Eastern Division President)


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