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Take Action to Support NEH funding! Get involved! Take Action to Support NEH funding!

Help us TAKE ACTION today to support the continued funding of the NEH! Please help us and do your part to support the humanities by accessing the links below and taking a few minutes to make your voice heard. The NEH is counting on members of associations like CCHA to support them at times like these.

Our friends at the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) have a simple way for you to Tell President Trump You Oppose the Elimination of NEH, linked HERE. This only takes a moment, so please help! NHA also has a quick outline of what the proposed budget plan is and what you can do to help further, titled “Help Us Nip Efforts to Defund NEH in the Bud,” and that can be found HERE.

We will continue to send further updates and information as it becomes available. In closing, thank you for your continued and valued support for the humanities, the NEH, and CCHA.

Your CCHA Friends and Colleagues

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