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The Community College Humanities Association (CCHA), founded in 1979, is the only national organization of its kind for humanities faculty and administrators in two-year colleges. It is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the humanities in two-year colleges.

CCHA serves as a catalyst for defining the issues which face humanities faculty and administrators today, finding solutions to problems in the field, and establishing a communications network for humanists.

Registration is Now Open for the 2017 National CCHA Conference

Our National Conference will be held in CCHA's new home of Baltimore, Maryland, this year. Join us at the lovely Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel from November 9-11 for what will certainly be a wonderful conference.

Publish Your Work

The Community College Humanities Review (CCHR) Journal, published bi-annually, is always looking for a wide variety of work from our members. The CCHR accepts scholarly work, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. Click the link below to view our submission guidelines.

Community College Humanities Review Journal

The Community College Humanities Review (CCHR) journal, published biannually by the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA), has gone through an extensive redesign and reevaluation of editorial content. Along with the publication’s historical penchant for outstanding peer-reviewed scholarship, CCHR will now publish essays on pedagogy, faculty profiles, book reviews, columns, poetry, fiction, and first-person reflections on life as a community college humanities professor. The second issue of volume one is now available.

Quote of the Month

"The humanities have been threatened since their very beginning. Socratic questioning is unsettling, and people in power often prefer docile followers to independent citizens able to think for themselves. Furthermore, a lively imagination, alert to the situations, desires, and sufferings of others is a taxing achievement; moral obtuseness is so much easier. So we should not be surprised that the humanities are under assault, now as ever. The battle for responsible democracy and alert citizenship is always difficult and uncertain. But it is both urgent and winnable, and the humanities are a large part of winning it."

From: Not For Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities, by Martha Nussbaum

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We value the continuing support of our members and others who value the essential contributions of the humanities for today's students, both as individuals and as members of society. Individual CCHA membership unites you with your colleagues at two-year colleges across the nation in shaping and strengthening the humanities. Institutional CCHA membership makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of the humanities at two-year colleges. ***Please note that the option to renew is ONLY available for an EXPIRED MEMBERSHIP.***

Meet the CCHA Team

Members at large from 2015-2016.
Andrew Rusnak

Andrew Rusnak

Executive Director

William J. Tooma

William J. Tooma

Deputy Executive Director

Sydney Elliott

Sydney Elliott

Director of Publications

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Director of Membership

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Gregory Campbell

Director of Content

Fran O'Connor

Fran O'Connor

Director of Marketing

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