An Update from Brian Stipelman, Chair of the CCHA Deans’ Committee

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At last month’s national conference of the Community College Humanities Association, thirteen community college deans responsible for Humanities education at their respective institutions convened to form the first CCHA Deans’ Committee. This body will serve as an instrument by which Deans of Humanities can affirm the value of Humanities education while working collaboratively to expand its scope and relevance within and beyond higher education.

During last month’s inaugural meeting, the committee elected officers (please see the list below) and identified foundational goals to govern our development. The committee is in the process of forming an executive committee and composition of bylaws. Once these tasks are complete, it can begin the real work of strengthening community college humanities education by sharing innovative ideas and best practices, collaboratively addressing challenges unique to the humanities, and communicating effectively the importance of our discipline in both academic and sociocultural contexts.

If you are a Dean and would like to be involved, please reach out to any of the officers below.   If you are a faculty member, or anyone who cares about the health of the Humanities, please consider this committee a resource.

Thank you,

Brian Stipelman: President and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Frederick Community College

Michael Jacobs: Vice President and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monroe Community College

Gwendolyn James: Secretary and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Spokane Community College

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