5th Annual Humanities Conference at Essex College


Radical Humanities: The Radical Tradition in the Humanities

5th Annual Humanities Conference at Essex County College


From March 21-24, 2017, the Humanities Division at Essex County College will host its 5th annual Humanities conference, “Radical Humanities: The Radical Tradition in the Humanities.” Although the idea of radicalism can, in some ways, seem antithetical to our understanding of “tradition,” this conference will, in part, examine the roots and patterns of radical thought in humanities discourse (including literature, philosophy, art, music, theater, dance, media, architecture, and design) as well as explore works, ideas, and movements that may be seen as radical or revolutionary.

2017 also marks the centennial of a number of world-changing events, including the United States’ entrance into World War I and the Russian Revolution, so we encourage papers on these topics in humanities discourse. We especially welcome presentations, screenings, performances, and lectures on intersecting notions of radicalism on topics in all disciplines, examining gender, race, class, culture, feminism, LGBT rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, revolutions in history, hip hop, modernist music, and more.

Situated in the city of Newark, with its own rich tradition of radical politics and arts, the conference also welcomes presentations which address the 1967 Newark rebellion, the Black Arts movement, and the cultural warriors who helped shape the city’s aesthetic in its modern context. The conference co-chairs, Prof. Jennifer Wager (Communications) and Prof. Rebecca Williams (English) invite scholars from all Humanities disciplines to participate in this year’s conference.

Abstracts should be 300 words in length. Authors should send their abstracts attached as a Word document with “2017 CONFERENCE” in the subject line. Please be sure to include the following: full name, university affiliation, contact information (e‐mail and phone) and the title of your abstract to the conference co-chairs:  Prof. Jennifer Wager (wager@essex.edu) and Prof. Rebecca Williams (wrebecca@essex.edu) by Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Visit the website: http://ecchumanitiesconference2017.blogspot.com/

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